Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exploring MapQuest Flash API

I just started experimenting with the MapQuest Developer API for Flash CS3 (ActionScript 3). So far it's been an enjoyable project! I worked through some of the samples and experimented with many of the cool MapQuest features that are available in the free developer Flash extensions. I'm having fun making custom points of interest (POIs) on maps, zooming, scrolling, and icons. There are a couple of traps that I ran into when following the AS3 code in the Sample Scripts found in the MapQuest Developer Library.

All was going well until I tried to build the Geocode interface found in the samples. It took a while to realize the right login parameters, but the main bug that bit my example was the server name. The sample script points to a geocode access server, but the correct server is actually the free server! That took a while to troubleshoot.

I uploaded a working version of the Geocode Address interface.

I think I'll tinker with this API for a while and see what waves I can generate across the Pacific!

Aloha, Joe

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